Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Photos from DX Korea 2018

Indoor Exhibit

K151 Kia Light Tactical Vehicle - Armored Reconnaissance Variant.

Kia Future Tactical Vehicle.

K2 Black Panther main battle tank - Middle East export variant.

Armored vehicles manufactured by domestic firm.

Future camo patterns on Warrior Platform.

Warrior Platform plate carriers.

Optics manufactured by SU Optics.

Remote weapon system & Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

LIG Nex1 Raybolt (Hyeongung) ATGM launcher.

Firearms produced by Dasan Machineries Co. (다산기공).

Photo Credits: Platoon Magazine

LIG Nex1 Chiron (Shingung) MANPADS Mode-5 IFF

LIG Nex1 Raybolt anti-tank guided missile.

Future camo pattern prototypes. Left to Right: "Tiger," "Small Rock," "Taeguk"

Taeguk pattern on Warrior Platform.

S&T Motiv K7, XK9, and XK9C Motiv submachine guns.

S&T Motiv K11 OICW Gen 1

K11 specifications.

S&T Motiv XK8 bullpup rifle.

Korea Aerospace Industries KF-X C109 model.


K30 Biho self-propelled anti-aircraft gun.

K239 Chunmoo multiple rocket launcher.

Various booths.

Photo Credit: DC Inside

Photo Credit: Defense Media Agency

Photo Credit: Chosun Ilbo

Outdoor Exhibit

ALVB in action.

K1 & K21 ARVs.

BAE BvS 10 Viking

Pair of K1A1 main battle tanks. 

K1A1 halting mid-maneuver.

K2 Black Panther main battle tank.

K2 Black Panther crushing a car.

K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer.

K9 Thunder at firing position.

K21 infantry fighting vehicle.

K21 with inflatable tubes deployed.

K30 Biho self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and K31 Chunma surface-to-air missile system.

Pair of K151 Kia light tactical vehicle.

K200A1 armored personnel carrier.

K239 Chunmoo at firing position.

Pair of K239 Chunmoo.

K600 combat engineer vehicle.

K600 clearing a mine. 

K600 dozer in action.

K806 6x6 armored personnel carrier.

K808 8x8 armored personnel carrier.

Photo Credits: DC Inside user "aoc"

Photo Credit: Platoon Magazine

Recently-introduced K600 combat engineering vehicle.

Photo Credit: Chosun Ilbo

Photo Credit: Defense Media Agency

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